My name is Jong-Joon Chun and I’m an attorney specializing in U.S. Immigration Law. Thank you for visiting my website.

I can be the guide for those who knock on the door to enter the United States.

Your immigration status is very important, however, many people still have difficulties due to incorrect information. When mountain climbing it is important to have an experienced guide with accurate maps. If you receive the correct advice and information, you can open the door to the United States, a nation of immigrants.

I have more than 27 years experience guiding individuals through the U.S. immigration legal system and have published 10 books in Korea on U.S. Immigration law. I can provide the best solution for your individual needs regarding all immigration matters to include various visas, permanent residency and citizenship.

I hope to help those who dream of visiting and settling in the United States with quality legal service. Thank you.

Jong-Joon Chun, Esq.